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272BIO are transforming the sphere of veterinary medicine drug discovery and development
272BIO are developing biotherapeutics, using innovative technologies, for livestock and companion animal disorders.
We are bringing cutting edge biotherapeutic technology and platforms to the animal health arena
Applying novel technologies, 272BIO are able to reduce hitherto prohibitive production costs and produce affordable therapies.

Market Summary
Animal Health

The veterinary health market is large and growing.

There are over 25 Billion livestock animals and at least 300 million pets worldwide.

Existing therapies and therapy types are limited in their ability to deliver the best outcomes for both livestock and companion animals.

Biotherapeutics have the potential to deliver highly effective and specific solutions

What are VHH

VHH antibodies are small flexible biological particles which combine the specificity of an antibody with the robustness and ease of use of a typical small molecule drug.

They are made from heavy chain antibodies that occur naturally in camelids and sharks.

VHH antibodies are stable at a wide range of temperatures and are resistant to extremes of pH. Their small size makes a broader range of targets in the body accessible for biological therapies. VHH antibodies enable 272BIO to design bespoke drugs for optimal disease control.