Biotherapeutics –

VHH for Animal Health

Biotherapeutics can provide solutions for areas of health which are difficult to tackle with conventional medicines

Traditional Biotherapeutics are becoming more and more common in Human Health due to their selectivity, specificity and flexibility.

The cost of development and production of typical monoclonal antibodies all but excludes biotherapeutics from Animal Health

Therapies developed using VHH antibodies retain the positive attributes of antibodies, but at a much lower production cost.

This brings biological solutions within the reach of Veterinary Medicine.

Biotherapeutics graphic 1

272BIO aim to bring these solutions to the industry to help:

Companion animals suffering from a variety of ailments from skin allergy, joint pain, to renal disease and cancer

The livestock industry to tackle bacterial, parasitic and viral diseases in poultry, pigs and cattle where vaccine effectiveness is limited