Cellular and Assay Technologies

Cellular assays that are able predict the complexity of a therapeutic response are essential for selection of appropriate therapeutic drug candidates.

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Selection of the most relevant cell-based assay to truly reflect disease pathology/processes is critical for successful drug discovery.  272BIO develops bespoke assays, using recombinant cells, cell-lines, as well as primary cells and whole-blood based systems, to ensure integrity of activity in a pharmacologically relevant system using native antigen. Each biological system is unique and requires an understanding of the disease pathophysiology to develop cellular assays able to accelerate and enhance drug discovery and development. Our in vitro pharmacology and cell biology expertise enables the collection of invaluable biological information about cellular processes, cellular viability, drug mechanisms of action, and any potential off-target effects.

Our team has developed a broad expertise in cellular assay development and have worked to create various primary and cell line-based assays for both companion animal and livestock  models.

Our expertise includes:

  • Primary and recombinant cell culture-based assays 
  • Recombinant cell line development
  • Immunological assays in primary blood and cell lines
  • Reporter assays
  • High throughput flow cytometry: ADCC, degranulation assays
  • High throughput protein screening by phage library
  • Protein display technology
  • CRISPR-CAS9 knock-in and knock-out
  • Immunohistochemistry 
  • qPCR based quantitative gene expression analysis 
  • siRNA mediated gene silencing 

This work is supported by several state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, such as fluorescence and luminescence detectors, flow cytometry and fluorescent imaging.