Market Focus

A Growth Market

The companion animal veterinary health market is large and growing.

In just the EU and US areas there are over 140 million pet dogs and 160 million pet cats. A growing middle class in China, Brazil and India is spurring an increase in pet ownership.

The Pet Industry Turnover in the EU exceeds €35.5 billion combining pet food, related products and services.

Pet Industry Turnover EU more than Bn Euro 35.5

The Livestock market continues to be the cornerstone of veterinary medicines.

There are 1.4 billion cattle and 980 million pigs worldwide.

Gross income from cattle production exceeds 80 billion USD in the US from a total of 98.4 million head of cattle.

An estimated 22 billion USD of personal income is derived from the pork industry in the US.

There are 23 Billion chickens worldwide, a number which has doubled since 1990.

With evolving husbandry practices and issues with existing medications, the industry needs a new wave of therapies to address these challenges.

Low cost biotherapeutics will transform this arena