Protein Expression and Purification at 272BIO

The 272BIO Protein Sciences team has many years of protein expression and purification expertise.  The team produces recombinant proteins in-house to support the discovery and early development work of 272BIO.

Recombinant protein antigens are expressed in both E. coli and mammalian systems to provide high quality reagents for assay development and for use as immunogens for VHH generation.  This is highly beneficial in the field of animal health, where the range of commercial reagents is limited, so being able to produce and characterise our own proteins improves our flexibility, scalability and efficiency.

Biotherapeutics graphic 1

To support efficient antibody discovery, an optimised high-throughput plate-based E. coli protein production system is used to express the large numbers of VHH generated by our immunisation program.  Importantly, this enables us to generate VHH spanning the maximum diversity available for each project in a format that is suitable for our screening assays.  Once hits are identified, they can rapidly be scaled up, and if necessary an alternative expression system used, depending on the individual project requirements.

Our team aim to continually innovate and automate our production, to enable us to quickly adapt to the requirements of the diverse activities in 272BIO