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Dr Christine Labeur

Dr Christine Labeur

VHH CMC Subject Matter Expert

Dr Christine Labeur, PhD Joined 272BIO in 2019 as our VHH CMC Subject Matter Expert. Since the start of her scientific career about 35 years ago Christine has been  fascinated by the complexity and biochemistry of protein research which has resulted in achieving a broad global  expertise of pharmaceutical development and CMC strategies for protein based drugs.

By combining the scientific mindset and expertise in global CMC management processes, outsourcing strategies and Quality Management, she has contributed and worked in various biotech companies,  and CDMO’s  developing  both small and large molecules drugs. She held amongst others, a management position in the CMC department of Ablynx (now Sanofi Pasteur) where the basis for current manufacturing strategies for single domain antibodies were developed. Management functions in various CDMO companies have provided strategic insights into management of outsourced services for pharmaceutical development.

By combining lead selection screening, formulation analytical and process development strategies, aligned with a sound regulatory strategy, several protein biologics (mainly single domain antibodies) were, together with dynamic and cohesive teams,  brought successfully into preclinical and clinical studies and finally into commercial products.



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