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Francois Bertelli

Francois Bertelli

Head of Antibody Discovery

Francois Bertelli is Head of Antibody Research at 272Bio, leading the discovery of new antibody/VHH formats by bringing new target ideas, formats design, and targeted delivery modalities.

Francois has over 24 years of experience in the Pharma industry, having worked at Pfizer, Abbott, Spirogen, MedImmune, Astrazeneca, LifeArc, and Avvinity Therapeutics where he gained experience on both small molecules and antibody drug discovery. Francois is an expert in Antibody formats especially in Immuno-Oncology where he had major contributions to transitioning several Antibody drug conjugates into the clinic and where his CMC expertise on antibody development has been invaluable.

Recently, Francois has set up an in vivo team dedicated to discovering fully human antibodies through humanised transgenic mice using B-cells sorting. Francois holds a Protein Engineering PhD from the University of Paris-Sud Orsay University in the field of protein-protein interaction followed by postdoctoral work at Park Davis/Warner Lambert, Cambridge, focusing on pain and inflammation.



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